mindatnh site history.

Species photos added for each update are indicated below. Date listing order is oldest to newest.
WARNING: Update pages were believed valid at time of update, however subsequent study has sometimes resulted in corrections that are not included in this release history. Viewers should consult the species pages and galleries for the latest information.

Site launch date:  January 3, 2009 

1-11-09, species D & E added, total = 67.
1-14-09, species F added, total = 75.
1-22-09, species G added, total = 89.
1-28-09, species H added, total = 102.
2-05-09, species I,J,K added, total = 108.
2-12-09, species L added, total = 115.
2-19-09, species M and Ixiolite added, total = 129. Display case is filling up!
2-27-09, species N,O,P-Phlogopite added, total = 138.
3-08-09, 10 more "P" species added, 4 more "P" to come, total = 148.
3-10-09, Remaining "P" species added, total = 152.
3-15-09, species Q,R added, total = 162.
3-24-09, species S through Sillimanite added, total = 175.
4-02-09, remaining S species added, total = 189.
4-09-09, Allanite specimen replaced - Joppa Hill Allanite is Epidote. Ixiolite removed - may be Ishikawaite. Plots added for Galena, "Scapolite"
5-07-09, T mineral species added. Total = 197
5-18-09, Stolzite & Metavivianite added. Total = 199
6-12-09, Remaining species added, (U - Z). Total = 212
6-22-09 The Columbite series species have been updated to reflect the present accepted nomenclature. Added species Columbite-(Mn), Glauconite, Jarosite, Marcasite, Sekaninaite. Total = 217
8-16-09, Lithiophilite and Triploidite species added. Total = 219
9-29-09, Ushkovite species added. Total = 221
9-18-09, Helvite locality corrected. Genthelvite species added. Total = 220
10-14-09, EDS analysis of my Chrysotile and Cookeite specimen examples showed them both to be muscovite. Photos of these species removed. Total = 219
11-16-09, Bismutite species added. Total = 220
11-27-09, added species Fluocerite-(Ce), Parisite, Pharmacosiderite, Pyrochlore, Vigezzite-Fersmite. Total = 225
Galleries added fall 2009:
  Whitlockite gallery   Kyanite gallery    Siderite gallery     Cordierite gallery   Magnetite gallery   Calcite gallery  Graphite gallery   Bismuthinite gallery  Rutile gallery   Actinolite gallery  Beryl gallery
1-9-10, added cacoxenite. Total = 226
1-19-10, added cookeite, copiapite, kulanite, pargasite, sicklerite. Total = 232. Also added samuelsonite gallery and siderophyllite species.
1-30-10, added ferrosilite, macaulayite, metazeunerite, whiteite. Total = 236.
2-05-10,    New gallery photos
2-14-10,   New gallery photos 2
2-14-10,   Modified gallery pages to allow photo enlargement on same page. Your browser must have Java scripts enabled to use this feature.
2-23-10,  Added hisingerite, fergusonite. Improved Linarite display specimen. Total = 238.
3-06-10,  Added coronadite. Removed parisite, NH occurrence discredited by EDS analysis.
3-06-10,   New gallery photos 3
3-19-10,   New gallery photos 4
3-25-10,  Added calciotantite, a new species for NH. Total = 239.
4-27-10,  Removed pharmacosiderite from display. EDS analysis refuted visual pharmacosiderite ID.
Added collinsite, as it is listed in R. Whitmore's Palermo book. Deleted illite, an ill-defined mica group series.   "Hypersthene" name replaced with the IMA approved enstatite. Total = 238.
5-06-10,   New gallery photos 5
Galleries Added winter 2009-10: (select gallery link on species page, or use links below)
  Heterosite gallery  Hematite gallery   Spodumene gallery  Sillimanite gallery   Arsenopyrite gallery  Riebeckite gallery   Synchysite gallery  Danalite gallery Galleries Added spring 2010: (select gallery link on species page, or use links below)
  Samuelsonite gallery  Palermoite gallery
6-06-10,   New gallery photos 6
6-07-10,   Added magnesiohornblende, (recently confirmed for NH)
6-16-10,   Microcline gallery
9-05-10,   Added melanterite.
9-07-10,   New gallery photos 7
9-11-10,   Titanite gallery (3 pages, 26 photos)
9-17-10,   New gallery photos 8
9-26-10,   Added Anorthite, Barbosalite, Beudantite, Marialite to display. Added Wodginite species photo.
10-12-10,   New gallery photos 9
10-21-10,   New gallery photos 10
11-05-10,   New gallery photos 11
01-06-11,   New gallery photos 12
01-08-11,   Added photos of NH species from Harvard University collection: Corundum, Hedenbergite, Hurlbutite, Stilpnomelane.   Harvard museum photos of NH Kaolinite & Rhodonite added to galleries.
01-16-11, Added   Epidote gallery, (30 photos).
02-13-11, Added   Dravite gallery, (20 photos).
02-18-11, Added   Staurolite gallery, (19 photos).
02-21-11,   New gallery photos 13
05-22-11,   New gallery photos 14
06-20-11,   Added Nordstrandite , Wodginite . Restored Ferrohornblende - links inadvertently deleted.
Upgraded specimens of Silver, Rhodochrosite , and Fayalite . Replaced specimens of Kaolinite and Rhodonite because new EDS analysis did not support previously displayed specimens.
08-09-11,   New gallery photos 15
08-21-11,   New gallery photos 16
08-24-11,   New gallery photos 17
09-04-11,   New gallery photos 18
09-18-11,   New gallery photos 19
09-28-11,   New gallery photos 20
09-01-11,   Added down-loadable NH species checklist (pdf)
10-23-11,   Nontronite eliminated from NH species list. EDS analysis showed classic Government Pit "Nontronite" is Glauconite. (See discussion and analysis on Glauconite Gallery page). Ishikawaite (from Ham-Weeks, Wakefield) removed from display. EDS analysis showed my specimen to be Samarskite.
10-26-11,   Added Arrojadite, Frondelite, and Hopeite to display with EDS analyses and galleries. Improved Beryllonite specimen and added analysis.
10-27-11,   Added Lazulite and Uranosilite
11-07-11,   New gallery photos 21. Some outstanding micro specimens from the collection of Gene Bearss.
11-10-11,   Added Vandendriesscheite
11-13-11,   New gallery photos 22. More micro specimens from the collection of Gene Bearss.
11-22-11,   Added Greenockite to NH species display.
11-23-11,   Removed Clarkeite, Curite, Fourmarierite, Safflorite, and Uranospinite from the NH species list. The presence of these species on the NH list was due to their reported occurrence at the Ruggles Mine, Grafton, NH. These species have been discredited as occurring at the Ruggles Mine as noted in the mindat.org summary: mindat.org Ruggles Mine species.
11-27-11,   Added a web site section of articles related to NH mineral collecting .
12-08-11,   New gallery photos 23.
12-16-11,   Dana Morong has contributed an excellent bibliography of all New Hampshire references in Rocks & Minerals magazine (1926 - 2011), ordered both chronological and author albhabetical. A field trip article to Iron Mtn., Bartlett, NH by Bob Wilken has also been added: Articles related to NH mineral collecting .
12-27-11,   Added Barite gallery.
12-18-11,   Added Molybdenite gallery.
01-04-12,   Added New gallery photos 24. (includes several more fine Gene Bearss specimens)
01-14-12,   Added Schorl gallery (two pages).
01-17-12,   Added Diopside gallery of a new recently confirmed find.
01-27-12,   Added New gallery photos 25.
02-23-12,   Added Anatase gallery.
03-08-12,   Added New gallery photos 26.
03-12-12,   Added New gallery photos 27 Gene Bearss specimens from Mineral Hill.
03-27-12,   Added Falsterite , a new species, Palermo Mine type locality.
04-03-12,   New article contributions from Joe Mulvey, NH Type Localities, and
              Bob Janules, Mascot Musings (revised): NH Articles .
04-24-12,   The NH mineral species display was exhibited at the 2012 Rochester Mineralogical Symposium (2012 symposium display photo) .
05-23-12,   Added New gallery photos 28    (corrections 6/11/12)
06-07-12,   Added New gallery photos 29
06-19-12,   Added New gallery photos 30
08-06-12,   Added New gallery photos 31 , many from Holts Ledge Locality.
08-20-12,   Replaced Nepheline specimen and data. Previous specimen in error.
08-25,26-12,   The NH mineral species display was exhibited at the 2012 Capital Mineral Club show, Concord, NH (2012 CMC display photo).
09-20-12,   Added New gallery photos 32. Launch of photos from friends.
09-23-12,   Added Literature references (pdf) Top ten references for New Hampshire mineral collectors.
10-11-12,   Added Gormanite gallery
10-19->31-12,   The NH mineral species display was on exhibit in the NH Department of Environmental Services lobby, Hazen Drive, Concord, NH (2012 DES display photo).
10-25-12,   Added New gallery photos 33
11-13-12,   Added New gallery photos 34
12-31-12,   Completed photo gallery of minerals from the Palermo Mines. Total: 77 species, 130 photos.
12-08-12,   Added New gallery photos #35
12-03-12,   Completed a three month effort to validate all web page html code for standards compliance. Many chemical formulas were changed be those of Fleischer-2008, (prevously these formulas were of a "structural" type that was used by mindat.org prior to 2010). Visibility of links on species pages has been improved. Specimen data pages are now over-lay pop-ups. Size data has now been added to all gallery photo enlarged images.
01-02-13,   The NH mineral species display was on exhibit at the Amherst, NH, town library for two weeks. (Amherst Library display photo). A new touch-screen monitor has been incorporated into the exhibit.
01-16-12,   Added New gallery photos #36
01-18-12,   Added New gallery photos #37. New Hampshire Apatite-(CaF)
02-06-13,   Added New gallery photos #38
02-06-13,   Added New gallery photos #39
02-07-13,   Added photo gallery of minerals from Mine Falls, Nashua, NH. Total: 16 species, 39 photos.
02-19-13,   Added New gallery photos #40, specimens from the Keyes Mine, Orange, NH.
02-21-13,   Added localities specific galleries section, including new gallery for the Keyes Mines, Orange, NH.
02-25-13,   Added New gallery photos #41, Grossular specimens from Joppa Hill, Amherst, NH.
02-27-13,   Added New gallery photos #42
03-01-13,   Added New gallery photos #43
03-17->20-13,   The NH mineral species display was on exhibit at the GSA Northeastern Section Meeting, Bretton Woods, NH (2013 GSA display photo).
04-05-13,   Added New gallery photos #44 Many rare Palermo species from the Bob Whitmore collection.
04-30-13,   The NH mineral species display is on extended exhibit at the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, Concord, NH (MSDC display photo).
05-14-13,   Added New gallery photos #45
05-26->28-13,   The NH mineral species display was on exhibit at the PEG 2013 Conference, Bartlett, NH (PEG 2013 display photo).
06-16-13,  Pentlandite (Campton, NH) discredited by EDS analysis. Specimens are (visually similar) pyrrhotite. Pentlandite removed from NH species list.
08-23-13,   Added Chloritoid
09-03-13,   Added New gallery photos #46
08-13-13,   New article contribution by Fred Davis, Chandlers Mill mines: NH Articles .
09-13-13,   Added New gallery photos #47
09-23-13,   Added New gallery photos #48
10-02-13,   Added New gallery photos #49 Richmond Soapstone Quarry minerals.
10-24-13,   Added New gallery photos #50
11-24-13,   Added New gallery photos #51
12-07-13,   Added Purpurite species.
    Recently added Bedford, NH Opal var. hyalite was analyzed to be Glauconite?. Correction made.
    Recently added Palermo Mine Lepidocrocite was analyzed to be Beusite? Correction made.
    NH display Anthophyllite specimen was analyzed to be Gedrite. Correction made. An analyzed Anthophyllite specimen from Canterbury, NH has been substituted.
    Recently added Palermo Mine Samuelsonite was analyzed to be Palermoite. Correction made.
12-22-13,   Added New gallery photos #52 Another batch of Palermo minerals. (Nice!)
12-23-13,   Added Dickite . A new species for NH. Merry Christmas to all!
12-30-13,   Added Richmond Soapstone Quarry Gallery. 17 species, 30 mineral photos, 6 EDS analyses.
01-09-14,   Added Eosphorite species.
01-16-14,   Added New gallery photos #53 Mostly Palermo minerals.
02-04-14,   Added New gallery photos #54
03-11-14,   Added New gallery photos #55
03-24-14,   Added New gallery photos #56
03-29-14,   Added New gallery photos #57
04-25-14,   Added EE Smith Mine Gallery. 15 species, 28 mineral photos, 2 EDS analyses.
06-01-14,   Added New gallery photos #58
06-14-14,   Added Pike Hooksett Gallery. 13 species, 26 mineral photos.
06-16-14,   Added New gallery photos #59
06-25-14,   Added Parker Mtn. Mine Gallery. 68 species, 125 mineral photos, 14 EDS analyses.
09-04-14,   Added Fitzgibbons Mine Gallery. 12 species, 19 mineral photos. A Bob Wilken photo project.
09-05-14,   Added New gallery photos #60.    More Parker Mtn. Mine photos.
09-18-14,   Dickinsonite deleted from the NH mineral species list (More)
09-18-14,   Added New gallery photos #61
09-29-14,   Added New gallery photos #62 Bob Wilken photos, mostly EE Smith Mine
10-19-14,   Added New gallery photos #63
10-30-14,   Added New gallery photos #64 More Palermo micros.
11-13-14,   Added New gallery photos #65 Yet more Palermo micros.
11-25-14,   Added New gallery photos #66
12-02-14,   Added New gallery photos #67
01-24-15,   Added New gallery photos #68
03-29-15,   Added New gallery photos #69
04-01-15,   The NH mineral species display was on exhibit at the GSA Northeastern Section Meeting, Bretton Woods, NH (2015 GSA display photo).
04-07-15,   Added Stilpnomelane specimen to NH display. Upgraded display Astrophyllite specimen.
05-30-15,   Added New gallery photos #70
06-23-15,   Added Mineral_Hill_Gallery, Wakefield, NH. 8 species, 26 mineral photos.
08-12-15,   Added Dana Morong article: Location of The Lovejoy Quarry (pdf)
09-02-15,   Added Chickering Mine Gallery. 275 mineral photos (57 listed species), 3 site photos/documents, 42 mineral analyses. This gallery is in conjunction with the Rocks & Minerals Sept/Oct 2015 issue article by Wilkens, Janules, and Mortimer. This project is a culmination of a three year collaborative effort.
10-02-15,   Added New gallery photos #71
10-30-15,   Added New gallery photos #72
11-13-15,   Added Turner Mine Gallery. Photo contributions from an anonymous collector.
11-23-15,   Added New gallery photos #73
12-15-15,   Added Anna Wilken article: Ore Hill Mine, Warren, NH (pdf) - 11 pages
12-31-15,   Added Chickering Mine Gallery II - mineral photos (37) from another collector.
01/03/16,   This mindatnh.org website was launched 7 years ago today.
01-10-16,   Added New gallery photos #74
01-14-16,   Added Ore Hill, Warren, NH Gallery.
01-25-16,   Added New gallery photos #75
02-19-16,   Improved Bazzite  specimen and added Bazzite gallery
03-10-16,   Improved Actinolite  specimen with confirming analysis
03-11-16,   Improved Reddingite  specimen with confirming analysis and new gallery
03-14-16,   Added New gallery photos #76
04-08-16,   Added New gallery photos #77
05-30-16,   Added New gallery photos #78
08-20-16,   Added New gallery photos #79
09-25-16,   Verified & added Corundum
10-22-16,   Added Phillip Foster, Micromounter, presentation: Philip Foster (pdf)
10-24-16,   Added New gallery photos #80
11-06-16,   Added Rt. 156 Raymond-Nottingham, NH area Gallery.
11-11-16,   Added New gallery photos #81
11-12-16,   Added New gallery photos #82
11-14-16,   Added New gallery photos #83
11-15-16,   Added New gallery photos #84
12-26-16,   Added New gallery photos #85
02-15-17,   Added New gallery photos #86
03-21-17,   Verified and added Sinkankasite
05-06-17,   Added New gallery photos #87
06-11-17,   Update to set #87 from recent EDS analyses Update to #87
06-14-17,   Added New gallery photos #88 . Messelite - fairfieldite and similar appearing specimens.
08-08-17,   Added NH Rare and Uncommon Minerals 33 species, 89 photos, 35 analyses.
09-18-17,   Added New gallery photos #89
10-10-17,   Added New gallery photos #90
11-11-17,   Verified & added Collinsite
11-20-17,   Added New gallery photos #91
12-21-17,   New analysis results indicated re-assignments in  Phosphuranylite gallery &  Uranophane gallery
12-21-17,   Added Cerianite-(Ce)
12-28-17,   Added New gallery photos #92

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