Specimen data for Gedrite

Tom Mortimer catalog number: 1602

Identification method: Visual.

"A transmission and analytical electron microscope study of exsolution microstructures and mechanisms in the orthoamphiboles anthophyllite and gedrite" Smelik & Veblin. American Mineralogist, Volume 78, pages 511-532, 1993. "One sample of gedrite was collected from coarse-grained gedrite-rich amphibolites from near Surry Mountain, New Hampshire. The rock came from an outcrop in the Ashuelot River about 300 m east of the junction of N.H. Rte. l2A and Gilsum Rd."

"Nappes, Gneiss Domes and Plutonic Sheets of West Central New Hampshire" by Tim Allen, 2001. http://tim.thorpeallen.net/Research/Papers/WestCentralNH.pdf